Usage instructions Erogan

How to apply

One of the undoubted benefits of the tool is easy to use. Treatment takes several weeks (about a month on average).

To troubleshoot and prevent problems with intimate health it is recommended to take one capsule 2 times a day. Before or after a meal — it does not matter. Drink the best of plain water or any other soft drink.

The manufacturer focuses on the fact that a food additive should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and healthy diet. He also indicates that to exceed the marked dose not desirable. Overdose is fraught with redness, skin irritation, excitement, overwork.

To store the drug is recommended at a temperature of 15-25 °C. Protect from direct sunlight.

Indications for use Erogan

Pills to increase potency Erogan are applied for violations relating to:

  • Erection. The ingredients will help to stabilize the erectile function.
  • Premature ejaculation. Increase stamina, vitality. The process can stretch on for a long time.
  • The orgasm and ejaculation. The culminating stage of sexual relations will be bright and unforgettable.
  • The lack of libido. Increase sensitivity to stimulating factors.

Remember: pills Erogan is not a drug and a food additive. It has a stimulating effect on virility. When serious health problems need to consult a doctor!

Who needs to take medication Erogan

In what situations you should use the drug for potency Erogan? Numerous reviews show that BAD recommended for those men who still have lost sexual desire, but suffer from erectile dysfunction.

That is, coitus is possible, but it could not be completed because of premature ejaculation or flaccidity of the penis. The same applies to late ejaculation, when a man a very long time to achieve orgasm.

In men after 40-45 years of erection problems are inevitable, we are talking about age-related disorders associated with blood circulation, arteriosclerosis and prostatitis, becoming flaccid penis. For this category of patients the drug for potency Erogan is simply irreplaceable.

Erectile dysfunction often develops on the background of neuro-emotional stress due to mental or physical fatigue. In this situation, the medicine will definitely help. If a man the doctor finds no contraindications, the patient can take the drug with hormonal imbalance, when disturbed production of testosterone.

Make the tool needed and in situations where the reason for the poor potency is the treatment of other diseases some medications.

The doctors make it clear that in the absence of obvious contraindications, the medication can any representative of the male, who has reached the age of 18. But still doctor's advice will not prevent here.

Contraindications to the use of Erogan

For the majority of representatives of a strong half of mankind the drug is completely harmless. Natural ingredients have a mild impact on the centers responsible for libido, erections and psycho-emotional state of men.

Due to the presence in the formula of ginseng capsules is not recommended for people with:

  • Hypertension;
  • Bleeding;
  • Insomnia;
  • Febrile syndrome;
  • Increased excitability.

Possessing a hypersensitive immune system before taking you should consult an allergist.

The ingredients do not cause addiction, not allergens. Side effects are not detected. According to doctors, innovative product is safe for health.

Important! In any case, do not mix pills with alcohol and energy drinks. Do not exceed the recommended dose! Keep the Supplement away from children.

The results of applying Erogan

  1. After the first dose, there was an increase of vitality, a strong and persistent erection.
  2. This is followed by sensation, improved well-being. The man feels a surge of desire from the thought of sexual intercourse, it occurs naturally, without the involvement of stimulants.
  3. After a month of regular use, the pair gets pleasure from high-quality intimate life.